February 28, 2020

Associated Veterans: Expertise in Policy Development and Analysis, Legislative and more

Associated Veterans recognized by Insights success magazine in an annual listing of The 30 Crazy Fastest Growing Companies in 2017, which are adopting new methods and re-defining strategies to bestow industries with inventive solutions.

Fascinating Journey of Associated Veterans

Associated Veterans has always run by its motto; quality people equal quality solutions. The organization prides them on the work they pursue, including the recruitment process. The company works on very selective projects and only pursues opportunities they are confident in winning.  

This year we were very methodical on what we bid on and I am happy to say, we won over 50% of the contracts we pursued, whether as a prime or a sub, and this upcoming year will see the fruit of these wins, as we begin to ramp up and begin hiring in January”, says Antonio Moscatelli, President and CEO

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